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Equalization & Neutralization

The addition of an EQ tank results in a steady, even, and consistent flow of wastewater throughout the system and effluent generally acidic are neutralized with caustic.

Precipitation & Coagulation

The ionic metals are converted to an insoluble form (particle) by the chemical reaction between the soluble metal compounds and the precipitating reagent.


The wastewater with it’s precipitated pin floc is introduced to the flash mix zone where a polymer flocculent is added.

Clarifier, Inclined Plate:

The flocculated wastewater is introduced into the clarifier where the settling particles land on the inclined plates and are directed downward and into the sludge chamber. 

Filter Press

The thickened clarifier sludge is allowed to accumulate sufficiently to provide a full batch for the Filter Press.  The filter press is pumped full of the sludge until it is full.

Sand/Carbon Filter

The water to be discharged finallly goes thru these filters which makes final effluent colorless, odourless, free from any organics with very low amount of suspended solids.

Typical industries include:

  • Electroplating shops, captive or independent
  • Automotive suppliers, trucks, motorcycles etc – Metal to rubber suspension and body parts
  • Jewelry mfg
  • Machine tool mfg.
  • Metal forming such as stamped metal parts that require plating of various types. 
  • Building materials, cadmium plated nuts, bolts etc.  .
  • Aerospace
  • Wire forming - nails, screws etc
  • Appliance makers
  • Electronics – gold and silver plating of electrical connectors etc.

Packaged Systems

3 Separation Systems has a great deal of experience and technical knowledge in designing custom packaged systems for your wastewater treatment needs.  We dedicate a great deal of time and effort to ensuring that the system we recommend will be a great fit for your application, and will be cost effective as well.

  • Fully engineered skid mounted treatment systems are an excellent choice for fully automatic, reliable wastewater treatment in a compact, easy to install and use package.
  • Systems can be configured for a wide variety of wastewater conditions, making them the most versatile systems available.

  • Treatment systems come complete with all the components integrated and skid mounted to make a complete wastewater treatment system. The integral chemical mixing and separation chambers, automatic pH adjusting system, chamber mixers, chemical pumps, sludge dewatering, and system control panel are included.

Chemical Reaction Systems

We manufactures following reaction systems.

  • pH adjustment, 
  • pH neutralization, 
  • multi-stage chemical reaction systems
  • flash mix and flocculation systems.

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Solutions

  • Ion Exchange
  • Disinfection
  • Activated Carbon
  • Filtration
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