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Each plant for the production of demineralized water is custom made whether it is 100 lph or 15M3/Hr. Every plant idesigned is based on the following parameters.

  • Raw Water Analysis
  • Quality of Product Water
  • Production of DM water per hour
  • Regeneration period
  • Automation & Controls

All systems are pretested, validated, compact and ready to use.


System Includes

  • FRP/MSRL/SSRL Pressure Vessels
  • Multiport Valve/Ball Valve Piping
  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Sand/Gravel/Carbon
  • Control Panel with PLC
  • Pressure Monitors
  • Feed/ Booster Pump
  • Level Controller
  • Batch Controller
  • S.S./ M.S. Powder Coated Frame
  • Regenerant Drums
  • Std PVC/ PVC-U/ S.S. Piping


  • Non Regenerative Type
  • Continuous High Quality Water
  • Compact Design
  • Low Equipment Cost
  • Negligible Labor Charges
  • Lower to Medium Productions

Mixed Bed

  • Regenerative Type
  • Low Cost for Production Per Ltr of Water
  • High Equipment Cost
  • Fully Automized Process
  • Medium to Higher Productions



Pressure Vessels: FRP - Fiber Reinforced Plastic – Pentair International Ltd, US S.S.R.L.  & M.S.R.L.– Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Rubber Lining are fabricated In-House with advanced Manufacturing Processes gives Low Maintenance, Higher servicing life with Space Savings.


Ion Exchange Resin: As a part of the best industry practice we only use MONODISPERSION RESINS having size distribution of 0.6 mm through. Results in High quality, Longer reneration periods, Low channeling with high pressure and shock resistivity and  Longer changing periods.


Multiport Valves: Instead of conventional Six Way Valve type pattern we use new generation Multiport Valves (For Small to Medium systems) which not only reduces labor requirement but also saves space, Reduces maintainence time during servicing and importantly very Economical also.

Type: Manual Multiport Valves, Automatic Multiport Valves


Piping: PVC/ PVC-U Pipes and Fittings are of +Goerge Fischer+, Switzerland or any standard Indian Make. S.S. Piping are custom made at our fabrication shop with electro polishing which makes It suitable for all purposes including Pharma & Electronic Industry.


Automation & Controls: We offer following qutomatin as part of the standard package. Even other can also be included upon customer request.

  • Conductivity Controls
  • Level Controls (Raw water & Product water tank)
  • Auto regeneration
  • Batch process auto cut offs
  • PLC based sync with other plants
  • Pressure Controls
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