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Cartridge Filters

A device made of housing and a removable cartridge (element) for fluid filtration. Elements can be cleanable and reusable or disposable.

Cartridges is a medium due to which filtration happens & Cartridge Filter Housing is a structure in which cartridge gets placed. Both Comes in different types.


Types Wound Sizes 10/20” Materials Polypropylene Filtration Range 100/50/25µ
  Depth   30/40”   Activated Carbon   10/5/1µ
  Pleated       PVDF, Teflon & others   0.5/0.1/0.05µ

Cartridge Housings

Types Slim Sizes 10/20” Materials Polypropylene
  Standard   30/40”   Polycarbonate
  Jumbo       Stainless Steel

Bag Filters

This is a textile or sintered polymer filters used on Process liquid or waste stream to provide a final polish or remove floc particles. It can also be used to remove dust and fume particles from gas streams.

Filter Bags

Types Nominal Rating Sizes 10/20” Materials Polypropylene Filtration Range 100/50/25µ
  Absolute Rating       Activated Carbon Abs   10/5/1µ
  Bi Directional Flow       Polyster & others   0.5/0.1/0.05µ

Filter Bag Housings

Types Single Bag Sizes 10/20” Materials Polypropylene
  Multiple Bag       Stainless Steel
  Jumbo       S.S.+Cast Iron
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