Ced Ultra Filters

System Includes

  1. Membranes : 4” & 8” High Flow PVDF
  2. Membrane Housings: High Grade PVC/ SS
  3. Automation :Control Panel with/without PLC
  4. Pumping: Feed/Cleaning Pressure Pumps
  5. CIP : ‘Cleaning In Place’ PP Tank for Membrane
  6. Filtration: Bag Filters – S.S./PP Fabricated
  7. Monitors: Pressure Monitors – Glycerin Filled
  8. Flow Monitors - Digital & Rotameter
  9. Switches: Pressure Switches
  10. Level Switches
  11. Piping: Std PVC/ PVC-U - +George Fischer+ or Equivalent
  12. Stainless Steel - Fabricated.
  13. Frame : S.S./ M.S. Powder Coated 


System Construction

       We designs systems to produce 10 lpm (2.5 gpm) +/- 10% from each  8” (8040) UF element. The system is manufactured to provide reliable, steady long-term performance, the customer avoids the frustration of unexpected system performance after start-up. Our systems are robust — an element can be taken off line for cleaning, replacement, or “rest” without placing stress on the remaining elements.

Clean In Place (CIP) System

Our CIP has superior design features that make for reliable performance. A Flush and Drain valve is part of the clean return piping, allowing heavier paint solids to flow back to the ED tank and not into the CIP clean tank, thus saving paint solids. A low level switch installed inside the CIP tank will stop the pump when the tank’s liquid level is below minimum tank depth to protect the pump from cavitations. The CIP is included with a solenoid valve also for DI water flow. UF membranes are also protected by a filter bag vessel installed in the CIP piping that removes dirt from the cleaning solution before it flows back into the UF Elements.

Bag Filters 

Our systems include individual bag filters (one filter for each Element),
each with its own isolation valve(s). This is a standard feature with 2 membrane system also. So that bag filters can be serviced without interrupting paint flow to any Element. The use of several bag filters provides a duplex system where filtered paint is always being sent to the UF Elements.


The sturdy powder-coated frame is constructed to support the piping and UF Housings during shipment and operation at your plant.

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